It takes me forever to purchase just about anything. Well, not always, but usually. And I think that is a good thing.

Each purchase I make requires careful consideration between aesthetics, price, quality, and environmental impact. I realize that sounds like a tall order but it really isn’t. My habit shift has taken years of continuous efforts and is not about perfection or immediate results. In my opinion, any quick fix is unsustainable.

Instant gratification is in high demand. I can admit there are times I catch myself going down that slippery slope too. In my opinion, this insatiable consumption is an epidemic in its own right.

In college, my professors were always stressing the importance of sustainability. Can it be reused or repurposed? Is it made locally? Does it serve a purpose? These are just a few of the questions that always come to mind when I am looking to make a new purchase.

Want to learn more about consumerism? I was shown this short film my first year of college and it kick started my habit shift:

Elizabeth Widdis